Where Do You Prefer Your Bagel? - New York vs. Montreal

Where Do You Prefer Your Bagel? - New York vs. Montreal

Obviously not a simple decision, as both New York and Montreal have a long history of great and truly delicious bagels.  People in each city will tell you that their take on a bagel is the much tastier one, citing countless factors, ideas and historical and cultural reasons.  Can anyone honestly say that one is better than the other;  after all it is a matter of taste.  Well, let's look at some facts.

Some will say that a NY Bagel is a bit too large, historically being prepared as more of a meal than a snack.  Montreal will always counter with the idea that their bagels are just the proper size, not too large and not too small, thus delivering just the right dose of freshness.  Seems like a pointless argument either way, as it is hardly ever about the size, but rather about the pure taste and quality - no such thing as too much of a good thing!  And speaking of quality -

New York will always argue that their bagels are crispy on the outside, yet warm and fluffy on the inside.  Of course, its Montreal counterpart is also equally crispy, however, some may argue that due to being smaller in size, a bagel in Montreal will carry its crispiness all throughout, something that a NY Bagel will never claim - purposely or perhaps not.  Again, it is all a matter of taste, as many people would not want their bagel 100% crispy throughout. 

Both New York and Montreal bagels are traditionally prepared in wood-fired ovens, and both add egg as one of their key ingredients.  The real question is - just how much egg you'd want in your bagel, and that's where Montreal will always outshine its NY Bagel competitors.  Of course again, it will become a matter of taste and personal judgment, though many have claimed that Montreal adds just a bit too much... Go figure!

The most incredible, and perhaps ironic fact is that residents of both New York and Montreal will always enjoy a taste of each other's bagel brands!  Neither will ever admit that the other is better, but each will always respect and display curiosity for the other's creations.  However, despite that, both New York and Montreal will forever be proud of their respective culinary histories and will never focus on competition too much, as in the words of Wilt Chamberlain: "Focus on competition has always been a formula for mediocrity."