New York is the recognized capital of the world when it comes to authentic bagels

No one would ever dare to argue the fact that New York is the recognized capital of the world when it comes to a premier authentic bagel, or, for that matter, the most original bagel recipes and creations.  Bagel shops, as well as bakeries and breakfast cafes around the globe, tirelessly continue to lure their customers in by using "New York" on their bagel menus, adding that centuries-earned mystique that New York will always proudly carry.

What is it that makes New York original bagel recipes so mysteriously-alluring?  Experts will tell you that it all comes down to the little things:  the old original way was always to boil the bagels rather than to steam them;  they were always hand-rolled instead being mass-produced and rolled by a machine;  and countless other small, yet highly important details that created that irresistible original taste we've all come to love.  Not the least of those details is the appearance, as a real NY Bagel must have an actual crust, something most bagels today can't quite deliver.

It comes as no surprise that the younger generation today will not exactly know the difference between the original quality bagel and a store-bought kind, having never tasted the "old ways".  When the kids today bite into a bagel, they really don't expect it to taste anything than any bread they normally eat; it is bread, after all!  Little do they know of the original old-school taste that only appeared after you chewed through the crusty surface, only to discover an incredible, soft yet crisp middle part.

And here is the real kicker, the most important detail everyone seems to miss.  It wasn't so much the recipe itself, and it wasn't the boiling that made the ultimate difference.  In the old days, the bagels were fresh and always "just out of the oven".  And that's one quality that most places today simply can't replicate, but if you are lucky enough, you may still find a place or two in the old New York where the unforgettable original freshness is still very much alive.