It is a question that we are being asked all the time

It is a question that we are being asked all the time - why is it that you don't serve donuts in your bagel establishments?  Seemingly, one breakfast food item easily complements or replaces the other.   Or does it really?

Needless to say, donuts are perhaps the most fattening items you will ever find on a breakfast menu.  And even though this fact is widely recognized, millions of people daily flock to donut shops and other fast-breakfast locations to grab at least one, if not a cool dozen, of these sweet creations.   Is the sweetness the only secret making donuts such a popular breakfast item, particularly in the United States, or is there a more deep-rooted reason for such acceptance?

Certainly, most will agree that bagels are available on just as short a notice as donuts anywhere you go;  getting a dozen donuts will not take much longer than perhaps walking into a Krispy Kreme store and ordering a familiar dozen there.  Countless Dunkin Donuts franchises, in fact, carry a variety of bagels available right next to their donut counterparts.  Still, despite being deep-fried, much like any other unhealthy fast food, donuts are undoubtedly the most well-sold item in the breakfast lines today.

Some will argue that it is a matter of tradition: bagels are more traditional and would appear a bit more "ceremonial", if you will, making the more prevalent (less-sophisticated) customer pause and think that extra moment, quickly tipping the scales in favor of a donut yet again.  But of course, beyond the simple tradition, donuts are much sweeter and carry a very high calorie content, thus serving as a more filling "short-term" breakfast item - an energy boost of sorts, which unfortunately is precisely what most rushed people today are looking for.  A quick solution rather than a healthier approach.

Although bagels contain just as many calories as any donut, one can hardly compare the two when it comes to evaluating the health factors.  Of course, we are not talking your frozen store-variety pack of Lender's Bagels, which are unfortunately much higher carbohydrate-wise and - more importantly - in their extremely high content of sodium.  We are talking your traditional freshly-baked New York bagel, rich not only in history, but also in its natural, healthy ingredients.  After all, in the old days real, natural ingredients were all that was available, and hardly anyone worried about preserving their bagels for many months to come. 

And so the current breakfast battle of "bagel vs. donut" may, in fact, have to be re-formulated as "bagel vs. real bagel", with the image of a traditional, old-style NY Bagel proudly displayed.